Villa Sanpakoi

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Villa Sanpakoi is a stylish new hotel located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Their rooms are great and are ranked in the top 10 on Tripadvisor in Chiang Mai.

Our Challenge

Guests could come to see their profile on tripadvisor but they weren’t able to differentiate themselves from other hotels like they wanted to. They also felt like the fees like hotel booking sites charge were exorbitant and felt they could handle the bookings themselves just as easily and increase their margins on the same rooms.

Our Solution

We built a powerful custom website that showed their guests just how great an experience they could have staying at their hotel. The site provides the guests with pictures and information about the rooms, the menu, the pool area and did so in an elegant way that was consistent with the hotel’s style.

Now, guests can reserve rooms through the website saving Villa Sanpakoi from having to pay considerable fees on sites like agoda and